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RN, Integrative Nutrition Practitioner, Keynote Speaker, Author, Radio Host & TV Personality
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About Robbie Raugh

RN, Integrative Nutrition Practitioner, Keynote Speaker, Author, Radio Host ,TV Personality and Fitness Instructor

Robbie is a Registered Nurse and Board Certified Integrative Health, Fitness & Nutrition Practitioner. She draws on her 35+ years of experience in health and wellness and is the President of The Raugh Truth LLC – Integrative Health, and Creator and Instructor of Fitness & Nutrition Raw NRG Exercise Video Series.  Robbie runs her Integrative Health & Nutrition Practice – Raw Truth Integrative Health, in Williamsville, NY.

She attended the School of Integrative Nutrition in NYC and is armed in over 100 dietary theories and Holistic Modalities including various methods to detox the body.  Robbie and her Certified Coaches offer group Nutrition classes, Cooking Classes, as well as private and semi-private Nutrition, Health and Weight Management Counseling.

She is the author of The Raw Truth Recharge Book – 7 Truths for Total Health and Fitness.  She also reaches out to communities around the country for speaking engagements.

You can catch Robbie on her weekly radio show called  “The Raw Truth” on WDCX radio, she has been a guest on Fitness Fridays on WKBW AM Buffalo Show  ABC TV, as well as a guest feature on ESPN TV, Fit TV and Faith & Fitness Magazine!  She also spreads her message to the community for speaking engagements, podcasts, YouTube and Zoom fitness classes.

She is a Certified Nutritionist & Fitness Instructor for Catalyst Fitness; is a featured instructor in the Kinetic Workout “Live” International Video, and the Raw NRG Exercise Videos; Former National Aerobic Champion Judge; Former Trainer of the Trainers and National Group Exercise Director for Bally Total Fitness for 5000 Instructors and 430 Clubs Internationally.

She is a devoted wife, mom, and passionate follower of Christ, a motivational speaker, featured World Wide on ESPN, 100 Huntley TV and featured in several print publications such as USA Today and Fitness Magazine.  She is also a reward recipient of the 2022 Women’s Business Center Ignite Award.  Contact Robbie my email at [email protected]

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Robbie’s Provides the Best in Health & Fitness

7 Day Detox

We are super excited to announce back by popular demand 7 day Sugar Detox!    You get all  materials and tools you need for 7 days to break the chain of sugar addiction.  Only $49.00

  • You get a complete 7 Day Detox guide with recipes
  • You can do this in the privacy of your own home 
  • Make the best decision for your health and start now!

Having good health is key to living an abundant life.  The 7 Day Detox will help jumpstart the journey.  It’s great for you, a family member or friend. Makes a Great Gift for any occasion.  You could also give it in the form of a Gift Certificate here!  Your purchase can be made below by using a credit/debit card or Venmo (@robbie-raugh). For more information Email Robbie

Sign up for your Detox Here

Nutrition Classes


It’s my motivation every year to work hard – play hard and enjoy vacations.  I don’t know about you, but right about now – I’m dreaming about the beach.

As women begin to move further away from their reproductive years, there is a higher likelihood that they will experience hormonal fluctuations and all that goes along with that.  Chances are your hormones have started to hijack your body. You are gaining weight and have a bunch of other symptoms you just can’t control anymore.

Other fun changes can include  brain fog, weight gain, irritability, low energy, low libido, moodiness, and so much more!
(And yes! guys have their own fun issues too!)

In my 60’s, I can speak from experience and say there is something we can do about it, as our DIET and LIFESTYLE affects our hormones, gut, weight, health and brain!

We offer a NEW “Ditch the Coverup” 6 Week Hybrid Class – part Live – part on Zoom – and always available on Demand

Starting April 9th
Live classes at The Aesthetic Associates Centre 2500 Kensington Ave. at 6pm.

We focus on healthy eating, eat this – not that and why, brain health, hormone balance, gut Microbiome balance, increasing your energy, meal prepping, healthy recipes, the right supplements, the right macros, the right exercise, decreasing your body fat, the secrets to weight loss at various ages, and more!  There’s a full detox with recipes menus and so much more! We even do a supermarket tour and cooking class!

With over 4 decades of experience and a proven track record we have you covered!

Spring is around the corner and nothing changes if nothing changes. Yesterday you said tomorrow! Just start! You are worth it!

Cost is $199 or $189 for Alumni.  You can register for class by clicking on the button below and pay with Credit Card or pay using Venmo to  “Robbie-Raugh”.  Last 4 of # is 0258.  For Venmo registrations email [email protected].

Credit Card Registrations accepted by clicking below. 

Register for class here

Free Health Seminars

Get The Raw Truth on Health and Wellness

We offer FREE Health Seminars on a regular basis.  Robbie’s seminars are life changing and you won’t want to let the opportunity pass you by!

If you’ve gotten off track with your health and fitness goals, your life been turned upside down the last year and it’s continuing into this year? Are you having trouble breaking the chain of bad habits? Do you want to feel great look great?

Have your hormones hijacked your body or are you having gut microbiome issues? Do you know that you need to change your brain to change your health and body?

Attend our next LIVE FREE Seminar which will be coming up in September 2024! But if you need help now, just email [email protected]

Next FREE Seminar coming in September!

Private Nutrition Coaching

We offer Private Health and Nutrition Coaching sessions.

Coaching Fees:

  • Initial Health consult – $50 (which includes a credit of $50 towards purchase of products or services)
  • Follow up Health consult – $45
  • Initial Health consult Plus 2 25 min consults – $140
  • Initial Health Consult Plus 4 25 min consults – $220
  • Initial Health Consult Plus 6 25 min consults – $280 ( Special you get one 25 min session half off!)

Sign up for a Health Consult or Gift Certificate for a Health Consult!  It’s the perfect Gift!

You can purchase below with credit/debit card or you can pay with Venmo (@robbie-raugh) and email Robbie

Schedule your health consult

DNA Testing

Raw Truth Health offers a New and Improved DNA Testing and Epigenetic testing

The power is in your hands to live a longer, happier and healthier life.  Personalize your wellness with our DNA tests.  Research suggests that our genetics plays an important part in how much muscle mass we naturally carry and our body responds and adapts to training.  Since muscle dictates metabolism this is important information when trying to lose weight.  We are scheduling appointments now so don’t delay as spots are filling up fast!  Get the results you’ve been working so hard for and be the best version of you possible!

At Raw Truth Health we offer new and improved DNA Testing and Epigenetic Testing options.



There are 2 types of tests.  DNA and Epigenetic


The DNA Test comes with the Nutrition Optimization panel for $299.  There are additional Panel Options you can also get which are  listed below.  Each additional panel is $99.00

The DNA Panel Options for $99 each:

1 Weight Management – Designed to help individuals interested in maintaining a healthy weight by highlighting how they process different macronutrients, like fat, protein, and carbohydrates as well as identifying predispositions for obesity and eating behaviors.   16 Traits   22 Genes  46 SNPS

2. Health Enrichment – Designed for someone new to genetic testing who is interested in a little bit of everything: workout suggestions, nutritional deficiencies, type of sleep, exercise injury susceptibility and ability to metabolize alcohol and caffeine.  21 Traits   35 Genes  79 SNPS

3. Endurance Performance – Designed for the endurance athlete interested in improving their competitive edge by understanding their muscle fiber types, possible nutrition deficiencies, recovery ability and injury susceptibility.   24 Traits   40 Genes   85 SNPS

4. Detox Panel – Designed to help people understand why they struggle to lose weight, experience fatigue or mood irregularity, have skin issues or difficulty detoxifying environmental toxins.17 Traits   28 Genes   79 SNPS

5. Nutrition Optimization – Designed to help individuals uncover possible nutrient deficiencies, their ability to metabolize alcohol, caffeine and learn about food intolerances.  20 Traits   39 Genes   67 SNPS

6. Respiratory Resilience – Designed to help people discover genetic predispositions to conditions or nutrient deficiencies which may decrease respiratory resilience and increase viral susceptibility. 11 Traits   55 Genes   74 SNPS



Epigenetic testing $329.00

Contact Robbie to book your appointment now!



DNA Testing Pricing!

DNA Testing – $299 

DNA  Additional Panel Test $99 

DNA Epigenetic Testing $329 


Contact Robbie to book your appointment now or click on the link below.

Order DNA Testing


Nutrametrix Isotonic Supplementation

I highly recommend these pharmaceutical grade nutraMetrix® Isotonix® Supplements. It is virtually impossible for us to get all of our Nutrients from our food.

As a Health Practitioner, I recommend these high quality supplements because they are pharmaceutical grade. Also, nutraMetrix® Isotonix® products offer the fastest and most efficient delivery system of all nutraceutical supplements. Formulated using only the most advanced and scientifically proven ingredients, nutraMetrix Isotonix® products provide both rapid delivery and superior results.  For those individuals who do not like taking pills, nutraMetrix® Isotonix® products come in powder form where you mix it with water and drink.  The taste is very pleasant!

nutraMetrix® Isotonix® product are completely free of binders and fillers commonly found in traditional tablet and capsule products so you know that you are getting only the quality ingredients you expect. nutraMetrix Isotonix® supplements have you covered with quality ingredients and products you can’t find anywhere else.

See a listing of Supplements.  You can learn more about each supplement by visiting Robbie’s website at nutraMetrix® Isotonix®  Supplements .

Robbie has many supplements available at her office.  Email Robbie at [email protected] and inquire about the supplementation you are interested in before purchasing.

Order Your nutraMetrix Supplementation online right here!

Fullscript Supplementation

Products are safer and more effective with higher ingredient, storage, and shipping standards.  Order Fullscript Supplementation at Robbie’s FullScript Website



Powershot The Best Green Superfood

Power Shot Greens Superfood IS THE BEST Organic Raw Green Powder Superfood which Robbie recommends. It is a synergistic “green” formula of 100% Organic concentrated, nutrient-dense alkaline superfoods. A valuable source of naturally occurring phytonutrients, chlorophyll, live enzymes and bioavailable vitamins and minerals, Power Shot aims to help boost metabolism, energy and stamina, assist with mineral replenishment and provide optimal support for the body’s systems.

Order your Powershot Online or pick up locally, just contact Robbie and pay with Venmo (@robbie-raugh).

Order Powershot online

Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates make the perfect gift for anyone!

Pick up a Gift Certificate and give it to your friend, family member or loved one.  It’s the perfect gift of Health for anyone!  They can be used for Health Classes, Health Consults, DNA, ProCoach Online Coaching and more!  Gift Certificates are available for $25, $50 or $100 and can be purchased at our online store.  Give the gift of love!  Give the gift of Health!  You can purchase below with credit/debit card or you can pay with Venmo (@robbie-raugh) and email Robbie

Ann Marie Landel

Certified PN Nutrition coach

Ann Marie is a Certified P/N Health Coach and has 10 years experience in Nutrition and Fitness.  She and Robbie work together at Raw Truth Health teaching nutrition and cooking classes in addition to DNA testing and private consultations.

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Robbie provides motivational and educational seminars. She speaks on many topics including:
  • 7 Truths to Health and Fitness
  • When Cancer, Food and God Meet
  • The Anti-Cancer Diet
  • Healthy Eating
  • Healthy Cooking and more!

Contact Robbie today!  Email [email protected]