The Raw Truth Recharge Book - 7 Truths to Health and Fitness

Robbies NEW Edition of the Raw Truth Recharge – 7 Truths to Health and Fitness is the essential guide to Faith, Family, Food, Fitness, Detox, Sleep and Stress Management. Learn how all of these are vital to your health – mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

To be healthy and fit is not just about exercising and eating right, although those things are important. God wants us to be proactive about taking care of our “Temporary Earth Suit” or “mobile home” with the right motives, so we can accomplish His purpose for our lives.

Robbie has inspired and helped thousands of people over a 35-year span to turn their health, fitness and life around with her faith filled signature programs. She shares all of her expertise and secrets!  This book is the whole package – it is complete with recipes and truths from soup to nuts for your mind, body and spirit!

“You will spend the time and money either way; you will either spend the time and money treating disease; or you will spend it preventing disease by exercising and eating right.  Which is better for you?”

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The Raw Truth Recharge Book

Catch a glimpse of the Raw Truth Recharge - 7 Truths to Health & Fitness

Robbie spreads the word of health and fitness on air thru Radio & on TV, thru magazine articles, motivational events, speaking engagements and more!She shares her health and wellness wisdom as well as how to take care of your temporary earth suits!

Along with speaking engagements Robbie has involved herself with a motivating warm-up for the yearly Buffalo Breast Cancer Walk. She warms up the crowd at the Annual Buffalo Breast Cancer Walk in memory of her sister Arlene.

Robbie would love to present at your event. Reach out to her and schedule it today!

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