Words from clients talking about how their life has changed with the help of Robbie…..


Thank you both so much for supporting me as you do! I am in tears! Life changing! No looking back on unhealthy choices because forward is where I am going!

I can tell you that the reason I am successful right now is because of YOUR program. Your way of living, thinking, praying, and planning has given me the confidence, self-control.

I wake up EVERY morning now with a purpose to be positive, and to take care of myself. I am almost in tears as I write this to you.




Just wanted to say I had my annual physical today. I lost 10 pounds (still have ways to go but overall I’m pleased), My Cholesterol is down, Glucose numbers are better,  and

Thyroid TSH level is great too.  I couldn’t be happier.  Doctor is very pleased!  Yeah!  Just need to stay the course.  Keep up the exercise and plant based – low inflammatory foods. I’m so grateful I signed up for your 4 week class which put me on good track. I hope to stay motivated with spring around the corner.  Thanks for continuing to inspire us all – on this journey!

Susan  – 2021


I truly believe I met Robbie for a reason and she was put on this Earth to change our lives she is truly an amazing person. I just took her Fit over 40 class and I can’t say enough good things about it I lost 10lbs learning what foods to eat, what exercise to do and how to think better. I will live a healthy life because of her and so will my family!!

Thank you Robbie?

Joanne  – 2021


I just wanted to send you a quick message tell you how thankful I am to be back in touch with you!  I loved your four week Fit and Fabulous nutrition class on Zoom. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and expertise that comes from over (40) years of working in the health industry.  What I love about your nutrition counseling is that it’s not “fad dieting”.  It’s backed by science/medicine which you are able to translate & teach to the lay person thanks to your nursing degree.  Your Zoom workouts rock!  I am really enjoying them!  What makes everything work for you and everything you offer to is your overwhelming passion for health, fitness, and most of all a fulfilling life. You’re a true inspiration!
Julie xoxo  – 2021


Thank you so much for your inspiration and hope you have given me as I continue on my journey of healthy eating. I absolutely love how you incorporate God and the Bible in your session. I am a true believer and the Lord is and will always be so important in my life. Thank you again,this session really touched my heart!

Mary  2021

Sending my love and sincere thanks for a wonderful 4 week session! With your enthusiasm and direction, I was able to redirect my eating habits and lifestyle and, up to this week, have lost the weight I could never lose before. I realized before the class, I was not eating regularly nor was I eating the appropriate portion of macronutrients that my body needs to thrive. I also have continued the exercise I started earlier in the new year as well as finally using my masticating juicer. I’m truly feeling a lot better and I intend to continue with my good habits.   Thank you again! I look forward to keeping in touch! Wishing you wellness and abundance in your blessings! God bless you & your families!
Much love, DW  2021

I have had a battle with my weight my entire life. I’ve tried almost every fad diet out there and exercised constantly to no avail. I started a Detox with Robbie. She believes in Faith, Family, Food, and Fitness. She actually teaches you what you need to do to become healthy, which in turn helps you lose weight. 2 weeks after starting I have lost 2% body fat, 7lbs, 2 1/2 inches on my waist and 1 inch on my hips!   I love my new life!!!    2021


I first met Ann Marie and Robbie at a free seminar that Robbie offered. Of course I remember Robbie from being an exercise guru at Bally Fitness many years ago. She spoke about her life, family and the difference clean eating had made in her life. She then told us about a six week course on healthy eating that she offered. I knew at that moment that I needed to do it, but had no idea the impact it would make! You see, I’ve tried to lose 20 pounds for 20 years… I am an Italian girl and have always loved to eat, especially bread and pasta! However this past year has been extremely difficult for me. I was a nurse 40 years and have lots of spinal issues… but this past year, I was told that I needed back and neck surgery or would be walking with a cane within a year. They also told me I had nerve damage in both legs.  After a couple of more opinions, the last doctor told me I did not need surgery… I felt like I was given a new lease on life and this was the way to change my health….to learn how to eat right and finally lose the weight… the information in the classes have been invaluable!! I especially loved the supermarket tour.  Together with Robbie‘s wisdom and Ann Marie‘s love, acceptance and great recipes, it has been a fabulous class!! I would encourage if you’re wavering, to JUST DO IT…This is the best money you’ll ever spend on yourself… this is just not a six week program…this is a new way of life!!! I have learned how important it is to eat well, eat for your intestines and your health. I feel better, look better and I’m never going back!! Thank you Robbie and Ann Marie…Love and blessings,  Loretta (May 2019)


Robbie – I would like to extend my appreciation to you for your assistance in helping me in the journey in regaining my health. At the end of 2019, I found myself in a place in which I was very dissatisfied. I was drinking too much alcohol and I was overweight. Personal tragedy had hit our household over the last 5 years, and I had come to the realization that I had not been relying on God but on the world. I have trust in you, so I bought your book “The Raw Truth Recharge”. I wanted to share my testimony that I have put my faith in God to regain my health. I have lost 31 pounds and my drinking has been reduced to a minimal amount. Thank you for sharing your beliefs and your wisdom.  Your system for a healthy lifestyle is easy and enjoyable.
God bless and thank you,
Brenda Robbie ~ you are an amazing person. What a blessing you are in my life! I look forward to growing stronger in my health and faith through this walk we are on together. As I reflect on my past 12 weeks, I would never have been able to believe I could ever loose 30 pounds, get my body fat down 12 points and be increasing my weights at the gym. My health has improved significantly and I feel wonderful each day. I can run around my house and no more Rheumatoid Arthritis drugs! The Doctor said I’m in remission! Amazing!!! You are one of God’s greatest blessings to me! 

Thank you, Jan (March 2020)


“I am a regular at both the Yoga and Raw Cuts classes. Both these classes have made a big difference in flexibility, body shaping, and increased metabolism. Not to mention just overall feeling better!
I then joined Robbie’s 21 Day Challenge healthy eating class. The class was so informative that I continued on with Robbie’s 8-week healthy eating class. This class was very enlightening, as I thought I was eating healthy. After making a few dietary changes, I started to notice immediate results. The inflammation I had due to a wrist injury subsided. I had more energy, I felt better, but most of all I lost 35 pounds!!!. . . .Thank you Robbie for your inspiration!!!
Deb M (2017).


Our friend (Coach~ Mentor~ Educator) … Robbie Raugh! It’s a blessing, a privilege, to be under the leadership, guidance, and instruction of such a knowledgeable woman. One with a passion to teach us how to eat healthy, exercise, and manage our lives for betterment, for quality living, while combating diseases, illnesses, sleep disorders, depression, etc. The best part .. it’s so much fun! The class time seems to fly by in just a few minutes, but it’s at least 90 minutes of a power packed agenda. She is passionate about this commitment and it shows. She radiates the “picture of health”, energy bursting forth, and a spirit of love that fills the entire room. I cannot wait to get my hands on her book when it’s released. I am sure it’s the first of many to follow. Like I said, again .. it’s a blessing Robbie to have you leading our journey. I enjoy my fellow classmates at Buffalo Spine and Sports Medicine. It’s an informative group, with a team like spirit. Thank you for answering the calling God has placed on your life. He sure knew the right girl to pick for the job!

~Cassandra Marino Feb 2015


I was broken, Hope?…LOST! But God had the day as He always does. “Trust in the Lord with all your heart…Proverbs 3:5a…then you will have healing for your body and strength for your bones” Proverbs 3:8 NLT.

I had heard of the Raw Truth Recharge on WDCX and ever the skeptic felt it was bunk, even though I knew of some people it had helped. At Kingdom Bound Festival 2014 there were Raw Truth seminars to attend and I was very much set against going, I could do this on my own, even though I’ve tried other “diets” in the past, but…God had a plan. He drew my wife Laurie who can be persuasive and me to the WDCX tent on Monday to hear Robbie, the passion, conviction and knowledge with which Robbie spoke hit me hard and brought us back Tuesday and again on Wednesday. Robbie took time to speak to us afterward each day and encouraged us to attend an upcoming seminar, our discussions were emotional as she saw the pain of lost hope and being as Robbie says “Sick and thick and tired’! We attended the seminar and enrolled in the Recharge…WOW…a commitment! But…the Raw Truth Recharge has changed our family’s lives, through the Recharge Protocol I’ve lost over 60 lbs., over 8 inches from my waist and my body fat has decreased over 12 pts…over 35%! My taste palette changed dramatically as Robbie says “You eat what you crave and you crave what you eat”. Through the Recharge and God’s grace I have been healed from diabetes and hypertension and am able to live life for Him to the fullest. My prescription medications have been decreased by 85%! so we will pay someone, somehow, what an investment the Raw Truth Recharge was. I never imagined that this dramatic lifesaving change could take place in 12 weeks, the mountain was too high, the weight too much, the disease too embedded. But God brought it low, with Robbie’s guidance on nutrition, an exercise routine and the choices we make, it is possible. Thank you Father for drawing us to the Seminars at KB and bringing Robbie into our lives…our hope was renewed and we’ve been restored!


Bill Nowadly – Raw Truth Grad 12/2014

Hi, saw you on A.M. Buffalo, when ever I think of health , exercise etc you appear in my head. watching you on the show recently besides what your saying I was seeing you and it made me realize that losing all that weight on my own was good(20 yrs ago) but that I have not been thinking ENOUGH about optimum health, and even though I exercise and have more physical life than an average person I have not stopped to put all the aspects together. Its not just exercise and losing weight, YOU say, show it and live it. Though I’m an older woman, and physically active I need to put it all together in a more concentrated conscious way. Thank you for making me realize that, and for being walking proof, of beauty , brains and health. You do know you save lives and plant seeds in hundreds of people you’ve never met.
I’m not easily impressed, but you have earned my respect for many reasons. I travel in high places and your name always comes up when we are speaking about health and “looking and feeling good” if it doesn’t I make sure, rarely need to , You inspire and motivate many. ALL of us inspire the world and each other in one way or another, we just are so busy doing it and it is so much part of us , we don’t realize our contribution. I try to remind people we all hold power for the good ….
~Laura Jan 2015
Dear Robbie:  I am so excited to transition into this healthy lifestyle. I have learned so much over the last couple of days and everything makes perfect sense. I want to cleanse myself, mind, body, soul, and spirit. I know I have made the best choice for me to help me with my journey to a healthier me. I have made the choice to put myself first for the first time in my life. Ultimately it will help me to be a better and happier person, a better wife and mother. I know that if I don’t do this now, it will be very difficult for me to achieve the many goals I have planned for myself and my family.  I want to personally thank you for just being you. You are a role model to me and you have such a positive attitude that has already rubbed off on me.  I came home to my family just spilling everything that I learned.  I feel like my life is coming full circle.  You motivated me years ago when I was in my twenties and I always had the commitment to exercise, but what I never truly learned was how to diet the healthy way, how to truly love myself enough to eat the healthiest and best foods for me.  I am on a journey and I know with your support, I will be successful. I would always convince myself that organic is too expensive and that I wasn’t worth it, but I know now, I am worth it. I am 46 years old and I want to truly live life. I want to live to help my daughter raise my grandson and see my future grandchildren. I want to reduce my depression and anxiety. Everything I have done in the past pushed me further and further away from achieving all the things that are important to me.  I have been on a spiritual journey for the last couple of months and I prayed for God to help me to resist eating anything that would not be of nutritional value to me and to help me to find a program that would help me with my journey in life. I am happy to say that he brought me full circle back to a woman that motivated me 20 years ago.  There is no coincidence that God lead me to Dr. Shatkin who in turn lead me to you.  I want to thank both of you for investing this time in me and believing in me. It means the world to me. I truly believe that God brings people into your life for a reason, season, and a lifetime.  I already know the reason he lead me to you and I feel that what I am learning from you will be with me for a lifetime.

Lavena Sept 2014


“The Raw Truth Recharge is changing my life!  In the first four months, I lost 52 pounds and what’s more, I’m celebrating 30% (11 point) reduction in body fat!  I’ve lost 8 inches off my waist, dozens off my thighs, calves, hips and chest and more than 2 inches of my neck!  That’s a big deal, because the size of my neck is part of the reason I was diagnosed with severe obstructive sleep apnea.  For many years I have been tethered to a CPAP machine when I sleep.  Now, I’m sleeping comfortably, no snoring, and no more machine!  Robbie Raugh knows what she’s talking about!  If you do what she says, it will change your life too!  I have way more energy and I feel fantastic!  I’m eating lots of healthy foods and I’m enjoying regular exercise.  I have 35 pounds to go and I look forward to the day I’m the size God actually created me to be.  You can do it too!”

Neil Boron
Host of “LifeLine” 3-6pm M-F on 99.5 FM and AM 970 WDCX Radio, Buffalo

August 2014


This women just lost 58 lbs and transformed her health by following what I teach and preach.  She didn’t believe what I said that she could change her health, but she needed a wheel chair when I met her.  She left my class not only out of the wheel chair but able to push it around the block to get exercise!  She said:”My next pic will be at the 85 pounds lost mark and I am getting excited. Than on to 100 pounds. Many say older people can not lose weight well God has proven that wrong. I am never hungry and love the food and smoothies. I am learning to cook healthier. No need for the wheelchair to shop or visit doctors. I am not well… yet my life is 1000% better and I am able to do my own housework, care of myself and make church every Sunday ;often walking to it. I am so glad and thankful for your teachings. NEVER STOP no matter how many like me you meet. God is using you in a mighty way. I love you Robbie.”

Gaymarie Sparrer

August 2014


“Robbie’s passion for a healthy mind, body and spirit are contagious! I’ve followed Robbie since the 1980’s and have received a continuous education on fitness and healthy eating during her classes, through her 12 week healthy eating program, & on line from her blog, website and newsletters. Not even in medical school did I learn this level of science in nutrition and disease prevention that I can now share with patients and friends. Thank you Robbie for keeping me current in this life changing & life saving discipline!”
Terri C
Physician in Internal Medicine



“Thank you – thank you – thank you!!!
I just have to share this with you. Getting ready to take my yearly trip to visit my snow bird parents in FL. In years past I’d be in tears by now trying on summer clothes / bathing suits while packing. Well, nothing fits, BUT it’s because everything is WAY TOO BIG!!!!! I am truly so thankful for everything I’ve learned from you!!! I’m trading in my frumpy skirt style bathing suit bottoms in for something that covers much less!!! Woohoo!! ~ Rebecca F.



“As I write this on the eve of our daughter’s wedding, I am reflecting back 1 year when she announced her engagement & as God’s plan…I met Robbie Raugh.

My husband John & I had decided to make “2013” our year to “go into training” & get in shape for our daughter’s wedding. We have always

had gym memberships & were all about cardio, cardio, cardio. (however our bodies did not reflect gym memberships) We never tried to change or paid much attention to what we ate unless we were on a “diet” which never lasted long.  As health care professionals you would think we would not only know better but do better?

Thru Robbie we learned many things,  preventing disease is our #1 goal! Some other Robbieisms, “abs are made in the kitchen”. It’s all about choices, balancing healthy eating, along with weight training & cardio exercise. Muscle fuels metabolism, by building muscle we both reset & jump started our metabolism. By making it a lifestyle change & not a “diet” , John lost 60 lbs. & I lost 30 lbs. We not only feel good, we look good!

After a minor surgery I was unable to exercise for 1 month. I was miserable, for the first time in my life I actually missed going to the gym. That’s when I realized I had a transformation! It truly was a lifestyle change for me. For a moment I felt like I didn’t know myself? I actually said out loud…”who are you”? I realized losing the weight for the wedding was just a bonus & our real Blessing was, we were healthy & preventing disease. The Raugh Truth has truly been a Blessing in our lives!

Thank you Robbie for all you do”  ~ Tina L.




“Robbie ~ you are an amazing person. What a blessing you are in my life! I look forward to growing stronger in my health and faith through this walk we are on together. As I reflect on my past 12 weeks, I would never have been able to believe I could ever loose 30 pounds, get my fat numbers down 12 percent and be increasing my weights at the gym to 7.5 pounds. My health has improved significantly and I feel wonderful each day. I can run around my house and no more RA drugs! Amazing!!! You are one of God’s greatest blessings to me! Thank you Jan (12 week class)”

Never Give Up

I have been taking Robbie’s Kick Boxing. It is by far one of the best and

Rewarding work outs I’ve taken. It works every part of your body to the max.

After taking her class, the energy, experience you will never stop.

Thanks Robbie

 Richie Dunn

Former National Hockey League Player


“I couldn’t let the night end without telling you how much I have enjoyed
the past 13 weeks (Thanksgiving week was a bonus!). While I felt I was
already a healthy eater, I learned that healthy eating wasn’t exactly what
I thought was. I forgot that food has flavor, is fun to prepare and is what
we need to nourish the body, mind and spirit. Since meeting you, I have
found myself to be more relaxed, able to focus on the important things in
life and to also tell a story to others who struggle day to day.

As a school administrator, my job is to be an instructional leader, to
motivate people who don’t necessarily buy into what is best or right for
kids. I counsel parents and kids, feed 550 mouths twice daily, wipe noses
and mop floors. And I have to be happy each and every day whether I feel
like being happy or not. I would find myself hiding my aches and pains
because someone else always had it worse than me. After doing Transitions
infused with “Robbie’ reality”, I have found that it is easy to be happy,
to feel good, to not hurt, and to not view some of my tasks as chores. I
thank God every day for giving me the opportunity to make a difference in
someone’s life for I have a very different perspective these days. You have
been an both and inspiration and and instructional leader of sorts by being
my coach…and not just a transitions coach, because it is so much more
than that. You have been a teacher, a friend, a comedian, a reality tv star
and chef. I can only thank you for all you have done for me, and for my
family, as they have been by my side for the past three months. I am
excited to continue with the 12 month plan…and wish it was a real
possibility to work out with you at BAC (someday I will get there!). Thank
you SO MUCH for providing me the opportunity to be a better person for all
in my quality world. You are a beautiful person inside and out! It so isn’t the weight loss, it’s the whole package!”

Until our next class, I wish you health, happiness and peace.

Thank you,
Maria (Sept 2013 12 week class)