“As I write this on the eve of our daughter’s wedding, I am reflecting back 1 year when she announced her engagement & as God’s plan…I met Robbie Raugh.

My husband John & I had decided to make “2013” our year to “go into training” & get in shape for our daughter’s wedding. We have always

had gym memberships & were all about cardio, cardio, cardio. (however our bodies did not reflect gym memberships) We never tried to change or paid much attention to what we ate unless we were on a “diet” which never lasted long.  As health care professionals you would think we would not only know better but do better?

Thru Robbie we learned many things,  preventing disease is our #1 goal! Some other Robbieisms, “abs are made in the kitchen”. It’s all about choices, balancing healthy eating, along with weight training & cardio exercise. Muscle fuels metabolism, by building muscle we both reset & jump started our metabolism. By making it a lifestyle change & not a “diet” , John lost 60 lbs. & I lost 30 lbs. We not only feel good, we look good!

After a minor surgery I was unable to exercise for 1 month. I was miserable, for the first time in my life I actually missed going to the gym. That’s when I realized I had a transformation! It truly was a lifestyle change for me. For a moment I felt like I didn’t know myself? I actually said out loud…”who are you”? I realized losing the weight for the wedding was just a bonus & our real Blessing was, we were healthy & preventing disease. The Raugh Truth has truly been a Blessing in our lives!

Thank you Robbie for all you do