“I couldn’t let the night end without telling you how much I have enjoyed
the past 13 weeks (Thanksgiving week was a bonus!). While I felt I was
already a healthy eater, I learned that healthy eating wasn’t exactly what
I thought was. I forgot that food has flavor, is fun to prepare and is what
we need to nourish the body, mind and spirit. Since meeting you, I have
found myself to be more relaxed, able to focus on the important things in
life and to also tell a story to others who struggle day to day.

As a school administrator, my job is to be an instructional leader, to
motivate people who don’t necessarily buy into what is best or right for
kids. I counsel parents and kids, feed 550 mouths twice daily, wipe noses
and mop floors. And I have to be happy each and every day whether I feel
like being happy or not. I would find myself hiding my aches and pains
because someone else always had it worse than me. After doing Transitions
infused with “Robbie’ reality”, I have found that it is easy to be happy,
to feel good, to not hurt, and to not view some of my tasks as chores. I
thank God every day for giving me the opportunity to make a difference in
someone’s life for I have a very different perspective these days. You have
been an both and inspiration and and instructional leader of sorts by being
my coach…and not just a transitions coach, because it is so much more
than that. You have been a teacher, a friend, a comedian, a reality tv star
and chef. I can only thank you for all you have done for me, and for my
family, as they have been by my side for the past three months. I am
excited to continue with the 12 month plan…and wish it was a real
possibility to work out with you at BAC (someday I will get there!). Thank
you SO MUCH for providing me the opportunity to be a better person for all
in my quality world. You are a beautiful person inside and out! It so isn’t the weight loss, it’s the whole package!”

Until our next class, I wish you health, happiness and peace.