I first met Ann Marie and Robbie at a free seminar that Robbie offered. Of course I remember Robbie from being an exercise guru at Bally Fitness many years ago. She spoke about her life, family and the difference clean eating had made in her life. She then told us about a six week course on healthy eating that she offered. I knew at that moment that I needed to do it, but had no idea the impact it would make! You see, I’ve tried to lose 20 pounds for 20 years… I am an Italian girl and have always loved to eat, especially bread and pasta! However this past year has been extremely difficult for me. I was a nurse 40 years and have lots of spinal issues… but this past year, I was told that I needed back and neck surgery or would be walking with a cane within a year. They also told me I had nerve damage in both legs.  After a couple of more opinions, the last doctor told me I did not need surgery… I felt like I was given a new lease on life and this was the way to change my health….to learn how to eat right and finally lose the weight… the information in the classes have been invaluable!! I especially loved the supermarket tour.  Together with Robbie‘s wisdom and Ann Marie‘s love, acceptance and great recipes, it has been a fabulous class!! I would encourage if you’re wavering, to JUST DO IT…This is the best money you’ll ever spend on yourself… this is just not a six week program…this is a new way of life!!! I have learned how important it is to eat well, eat for your intestines and your health. I feel better, look better and I’m never going back!! Thank you Robbie and Ann Marie…Love and blessings!