Hi, saw you on A.M. Buffalo, when ever I think of health , exercise etc you appear in my head. watching you on the show recently besides what your saying I was seeing you and it made me realize that losing all that weight on my own was good(20 yrs ago) but that I have not been thinking ENOUGH about optimum health, and even though I exercise and have more physical life than an average person I have not stopped to put all the aspects together. Its not just exercise and losing weight, YOU say, show it and live it. Though I’m an older woman, and physically active I need to put it all together in a more concentrated conscious way. Thank you for making me realize that, and for being walking proof, of beauty , brains and health. You do know you save lives and plant seeds in hundreds of people you’ve never met.
I’m not easily impressed, but you have earned my respect for many reasons. I travel in high places and your name always comes up when we are speaking about health and “looking and feeling good” if it doesn’t I make sure, rarely need to , You inspire and motivate many. ALL of us inspire the world and each other in one way or another, we just are so busy doing it and it is so much part of us , we don’t realize our contribution. I try to remind people we all hold power for the good ….