This women just lost 58 lbs and transformed her health by following what I teach and preach.  She didn’t believe what I said that she could change her health, but she needed a wheel chair when I met her.  She left my class not only out of the wheel chair but able to push it around the block to get exercise!  She said:”My next pic will be at the 85 pounds lost mark and I am getting excited. Than on to 100 pounds. Many say older people can not lose weight well God has proven that wrong. I am never hungry and love the food and smoothies. I am learning to cook healthier. No need for the wheelchair to shop or visit doctors. I am not well… yet my life is 1000% better and I am able to do my own housework, care of myself and make church every Sunday ;often walking to it. I am so glad and thankful for your teachings. NEVER STOP no matter how many like me you meet. God is using you in a mighty way. I love you Robbie.”