I was broken, Hope?…LOST! But God had the day as He always does. “Trust in the Lord with all your heart…Proverbs 3:5a…then you will have healing for your body and strength for your bones” Proverbs 3:8 NLT.

I had heard of the Raw Truth Recharge on WDCX and ever the skeptic felt it was bunk, even though I knew of some people it had helped. At Kingdom Bound Festival 2014 there were Raw Truth seminars to attend and I was very much set against going, I could do this on my own, even though I’ve tried other “diets” in the past, but…God had a plan. He drew my wife Laurie who can be persuasive and me to the WDCX tent on Monday to hear Robbie, the passion, conviction and knowledge with which Robbie spoke hit me hard and brought us back Tuesday and again on Wednesday. Robbie took time to speak to us afterward each day and encouraged us to attend an upcoming seminar, our discussions were emotional as she saw the pain of lost hope and being as Robbie says “Sick and thick and tired’! We attended the seminar and enrolled in the Recharge…WOW…a commitment! But…the Raw Truth Recharge has changed our family’s lives, through the Recharge Protocol I’ve lost over 60 lbs., over 8 inches from my waist and my body fat has decreased over 12 pts…over 35%! My taste palette changed dramatically as Robbie says “You eat what you crave and you crave what you eat”. Through the Recharge and God’s grace I have been healed from diabetes and hypertension and am able to live life for Him to the fullest. My prescription medications have been decreased by 85%! so we will pay someone, somehow, what an investment the Raw Truth Recharge was. I never imagined that this dramatic lifesaving change could take place in 12 weeks, the mountain was too high, the weight too much, the disease too embedded. But God brought it low, with Robbie’s guidance on nutrition, an exercise routine and the choices we make, it is possible. Thank you Father for drawing us to the Seminars at KB and bringing Robbie into our lives…our hope was renewed and we’ve been restored!