Our friend (Coach~ Mentor~ Educator) … Robbie Raugh! It’s a blessing, a privilege, to be under the leadership, guidance, and instruction of such a knowledgeable woman. One with a passion to teach us how to eat healthy, exercise, and manage our lives for betterment, for quality living, while combating diseases, illnesses, sleep disorders, depression, etc. The best part .. it’s so much fun! The class time seems to fly by in just a few minutes, but it’s at least 90 minutes of a power packed agenda. She is passionate about this commitment and it shows. She radiates the “picture of health”, energy bursting forth, and a spirit of love that fills the entire room. I cannot wait to get my hands on her book when it’s released. I am sure it’s the first of many to follow. Like I said, again .. it’s a blessing Robbie to have you leading our journey. I enjoy my fellow classmates at Buffalo Spine and Sports Medicine. It’s an informative group, with a team like spirit. Thank you for answering the calling God has placed on your life. He sure knew the right girl to pick for the job!